Step 1

We admitted we were powerless over our addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable

About Step 1, from Dr. Douglas Cook

Dr. Douglas Cook talks about how the 12 steps has been effective for both his patients and in his own life. He explains some aspects of Step 1 and how it may seem strange at first, but that the admission of powerlessness is a key factor to being able to get rid of our addiction. He also cites numerous questions that can help us in determining if our life is really unmanageable. More information is available at

Click the appropriate View button below to watch the associated video. Note that these videos are provided not so that you will totally agree with every one of them since each video may be presented with a somewhat different perspective on a Higher Power. Hopefully you can feel kinship with one or more of the perspectives, however, and thereby gain some guidance. The goal is for you to be able to work the program effectively and find a fulfillment of the the 12 step promises in your life.


Bernard Robeson presents an overview of working Step 1 and the way in which even the phrasing in Step 1 is an encouragement.


Fr. Martin

Fr. Joseph C. Martin gives an overview of how the first step is usually the most obvious and yet is often the most difficult step for us to take.


Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen is a Yoga teacher in Los Angeles specializing in addiction recovery. He talks about Step 1 and how Yoga practice can help.



David talks about his addiction to sex and pornography and how that led him to admit his powerlessness and his need for help.


John Anthony

A Church of God minister talks about powerlessness over addiction and how the love and peace of Jesus can deliver us.


Granite Recovery Center

Rehab Center

Staff talk about compulsion in the body, obsession in the mind, and restlessness, irritability and discontent in the emotions.


Doug Weiss

Sex addiction expert Dr. Doug Weiss talks about how the "We" in the first step means that addicts have difficulty finding freedom on their own.


Dr. K.J. Foster

Counselor Dr. K.J. Foster talks about the "We", the "Powerlessness", and the "Unmanagability" of Step 1 and the critical parts of working step 1.



Sex addiction expert Dr. Doug Weiss talks about the partners of sex addicts or sexual anorexics admitting powerlessness.


12 and 12

Reading about Step 1 from the original classic text Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, also known affectionately as the 12 and 12.