Meetings have always been a critical part of 12 step programs. Traditionally, meetings have been physical gatherings in churches, schools, half-way houses, hospitals or wherever someone was willing to provide room for an hour or so to support 12 step recovery. These are now often called Face-to-Face (or F2F) meetings to differentiate them from the more recent phenomena of online meetings (also sometimes called cyber-meetings) or tele-meetings (over telephones). Online meetings over the internet can be conducted in video or text chat rooms or similar venues.

Face to Face Meetings

We frequently get requests like "Where is a meeting for ___ in ____ ?" (you fill in the blanks). Currently we do not keep our own registry of face-to-face meetings (i.e., meetings at a certain physical location). However, we have compiled a list of websites that keep registries for face-to-face meetings, either for their own fellowship or across multiple recovery fellowships. We direct you to these sites for further information about face-to-face meetings in your area. Even if you email us for further information, we have no extra information apart from what is found at these websites.

Online Meetings

Although not comprehensive, we have cataloged many of the online meetings for addiction recovery. There are many online meetings throughout the day, so you can use this list to find fellowship online at nearly any time day and night.