This section contains some of the commonly used references for working a 12 Step program.

The Promises

The Promises come from the A.A. Big Book and state the promises that are offered to those who sincerely work the 12 steps of recovery.

The 12 Traditions

The Twelve Traditions also come from the A.A. Big Book and state the traditions that grew out of experience while trying to build an A.A. organization that would help others to effectively recover from the disease of alcoholism. These traditions have also been adopted by most other 12 step fellowships.

Recovery Slogans

This is a collection of commonly used slogans or sayings that deal with recovery. These are often used in meetings or to encourage one another in continuing the work of a 12 step program. There are also instructions on that page for how you might use these sayings for daily encouragement.

12 Step Prayers

There are some prayers that are commonly used for different steps. These prayers are collected here for your reference by those working 12 step programs.

Meeting Documents

These meeting documents are links to documents that are used in 12 step meetings. They can be useful for investigating how a meeting works before you go to a meeting, or they can be used in the chairing and leadership of a meeting that you may be attending.