This site does not itself currently keep a registry of recovery meetings. To find 12 Step or other recovery meetings in your area, we suggest using one of the following web sites.

Note that these meeting registries are sometimes out of date, so it would be good to double check the meeting times on more than one website (e.g., check the information on both the InTheRooms and Narcotics Anonymous websites for NA meetings).

Google Map Search

With Google maps, you can perform searches for most locations to find nearby face-to-face meetings. For example, to find nearby meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous, you can enter "A.A. meetings" in the search bar for Google maps. The resulting pins on the map should represent A.A. meetings that are near you. From our investigations, in comparison with the InTheRooms listings or from other sites listed below, this Google search is not as complete, but does have the advantage of providing the exact physical location, directions about how to get to the meeting and oftentimes ratings and comments about the listed meetings.

Meeting Registry from

The Meeting Registry from the website is an excellent source for A.A., G.A., N.A. and O.A. 12 Step meetings across the world. It includes Google maps and lookup facilities by time and distance from your personal location. Members can also easily update or add information about a meeting.

Face to Face Meeting Registries

For meetings corresponding to a given addictive behavior, usually a good source for meeting information is the general services office web site for the corresponding organization. Some of these general services office websites are listed below.