Here are some common slogans used in recovery circles. One way to use them is to write your favorite slogans on separate pieces of paper. Put them all in a small box and take one out every morning. Whatever the slogan is that you pick up, try to practice that slogan to the best of your ability for that day. After a while, the slogans will become a part of your every-day thoughts.

First Things First
Don't Use No Matter What
This too Shall Pass
Live and Let Live
Let go and let God
Time takes time
One day at a time
Principles before personalities
Is your program powered by Will Power or Higher Power?
Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
Misery is optional
God doesn't make junk
Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less
Live life on life's terms
You can't think your way into a new way of have to live your way into a new way of thinking
The key to freedom is in the Steps
GOD = Good Orderly Direction
HALT = don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired
Your worth should never depend on another persons opinion
HOW it works = Honesty, Open mindedness, and Willingness
SLIP = Sobriety Lost Its Priority
Don't pick up, ask for help, call your sponsor, and go to meetings
It's a simple program for complicated people
The newcomer is the most important person in any meeting
Keep coming back, it works if you work it
Learn to listen and listen to learn
Many meetings, many chances; few meetings, few chances; no meetings, no chances
Meeting makers make it
People who don't go to meetings don't hear about what happens to people who don't go to meetings
To keep what you have, you have to give it away
How does it work? It works just fine
If you don't want to slip, stay away from slippery places
If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got
If you sit in the barber's chair long enough, you'll eventually get a haircut
Most things can be preserved in alcohol; dignity, however, is not one of them
Progress, not perfection
Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die
Keep it simple
Stick with the winners
H O P E = Happy Our Program Exists
Recovery is a journey ...not a destination
To thine own self be true
Turn it over
Nothing is so bad, a drink won't make it worse
Willingness is the key
Take what you need and leave the rest
If you expect respect, be the first to show some
Keep the plug in the jug
Do it sober
Although we are not responsible for our disease we are responsible for our recovery
Hugs not Drugs
Just for Today
Recovery doesn't happen overnight
Pass it on
If you want to stay clean, don't use
Don't quit before the miracle happens
Nobody ever found recovery as a result of an intellectual awakening
Use the 24-hour plan
When all else fails, follow directions
Change is a process, not an event
Call your sponsor before, not after, you take the first drink
Give time time
I was sick and tired of being sick and tired
You only get out of it what you put into it
It's the first drink that gets you drunk
An addict alone is in bad company
You can only keep what you have by giving it away
Take what you can use and leave the rest
Recovery begins with the First Step
Help is only a phone call away
Nothing changes if nothing changes
It is possible to change without improving - it is impossible to improve without change
Experience, strength and hope not opinions, bulls**t and dope
One drink is too many and a thousand not enough
An addict cannot be grateful and hateful at the same time
Easy does it
Easy does it but do it
Stick with the winners - Win with the stickers
Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm
Feelings are not facts
Turn it over, don't turn it off
Growing old is mandatory - Growing up is optional
Seven days without a meeting makes one weak
Slogans are wisdom written in shorthand
The opposite of addiction is connection