One of the most prolific and entertaining bloggers on the now defunct myRECOVERYspace social networking site was DennisS. We have preserved his blogs and present them here with his permission. We hope that you enjoy his enlightening, eloquent and honest thoughts about the joys and trials of working through recovery, one day at a time.

We call this "Detailing by Dennis" because we hope that it is similar to when you get your car detailed and you begin to appreciate it more. It also seems appropriate because Dennis so often uses the metaphor of painting, coloring and sketching in his blogs. Our hope is that as Dennis sketches out the details of his recovery, you can have a better appreciation of the great value of recovery in your own life (as well as get some good chuckles and smiles from time to time). We have included all 162 of his blogs, including some of them that might seem rather trivial. But you can click on our list of favorites if you just have time for a few nuggets of 12 step wisdom. And you can read Dennis's bio for a brief life history and more of what is was like for Dennis before and after he came to A.A.

Thanks, Dennis, for sharing your road of recovery with us.

Dec 2007 - Jan 2008

Wondering [Dec 14, 2007]
"The only serious regret I have left is that I did not learn of this sooner. All those wasted years."
Holidays [Dec 15, 2007]
"Interesting - aren't they? This will be my first truly sober Christmas in well over 30 years."
Thanks to all [Dec 16, 2007]
"Since I been here (a very short time) I been made to feel welcome, wanted, helpful, helped and comforted."
Reflections on Recovery [Dec 19, 2007]
"I believe it is a cheap price to pay for no more blackouts, No apologies for things I don't remember doing, no jail, not losing ones I love, not losing friends."
Balancing Act [Dec 22, 2007]
"What does this tell me? That I need to strive for balance in all aspects of my life."
Role Models [Dec 24, 2007]
"May I be able to temper my actions with the kindness and respect for others he obviously had."
Post Christmas Blues??? [Dec 26, 2007]
"Strange thing happened to me on the way thru Christmas. I forgot to feel like crap."
Serenity [Jan 1, 2008]
"Such a simple concept, this serenity. I am truly blessed by Him for being given these moments of spiritual tranquility and insight."
Taking a Risk [Jan 5, 2008]
"It reminded me of the 2 or 3 billion times when I was afraid to do something and what I may have lost because I didn't."
Perversion of a Concept [Jan 8, 2008]
"My wife and I have been talking about and working on a supposed problem in her life for quite a while now. It is an issue called 'co-dependency'."
Grateful Drunk? [Jan 12, 2008]
"There is always those guys talking at the table about being a "Grateful Alcoholic". At first I really had a hard time with this concept."
Serenity Prayer [Jan 13, 2008]
"I find that altogether too often I WANT the serenity, but forgot to WANT the things that will give it to me."

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