The site is not a social networking site for recovery - for those, please see our list of social networking sites for recovery . However, the pages in this section of the website do contain some basic information concerning social aspects of recovery. This includes information about meetings (face to face and online) and about how individuals have worked the steps.


Meetings have always been a critical part of 12 step programs. Traditionally, meetings have been physical gatherings in churches, schools, half-way houses, hospitals or wherever someone was willing to provide room for an hour or so to support 12 step recovery. These are now often called Face-to-Face (or F2F) meetings to differentiate them from the more recent phenomena of online meetings (also sometimes called cyber-meetings) or tele-meetings (over telephones). Online meetings over the internet can be conducted in video or text chat rooms or similar venues.

Face-to-Face Meetings

The website does not keep a listing of face-to-face meetings, but we do list many other websites that do.

Online Meetings

The website does try to keep a list of online meeting sites and also a calendar of available online meetings. These are available for one type of addiction or another throughout many hours of each day.

Personal Experiences

We have posted the blogs of one person (DennisS) from the previous recovery social networking site, as they were especially enlightening and enjoyable. We hope that you enjoy glimpses of this one man's journey in sobriety.