The installation file for version 2.0 of the Journal for Recovery (Microsoft Windows version) is available as a free download. The download file is called and is compressed with the zip format. After you uncompress, you should see the following files:

To install the Journal for Recovery RW (Release to Web) v2.0.00 on your Windows laptop or desktop computer, open the setup.exe file. The setup dialog should walk you through the steps of installation.


Install file for Journal for Recovery for the Windows desktop

Journal for Recovery Install file

This is the installation file for the Journal for Recovery for a Microsoft Windows desktop (Windows Vista and Windows 7). The file that you download will be called and is compressed with the zip format.

File Name File Size
41.9 MB


This version has been tested successfully on Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, installation on Windows 8 and 8.1 has technical difficulties which we are addressing.