The features of the Journal for Recovery can be grouped into three main areas: Journals, Prompts and Utilities.

Of course creating, editing and managing journals are at the core of the Journal for Recovery software. This is accomplished primarily through the Journal Explorer and the Journal Editor.

Download Win Version

Download the Windows full version of the Journal for Recovery

Download Mac Version

Download the Mac OS Alpha version of the Journal for Recovery

Journal Explorer

With the Journal Explorer you can list, view, filter and manage the major functions associated with your journals. The Journal Explorer also serves as the main management screen to launch all of the other functionality, similar to the Windows Explorer for the Windows operating system or the Finder for MacOSX.

Example of Journal Explorer screen

Journal Editor

The Journal Editor gives you rich text editing functionality for editing your journal entries and associating metadata to the given journal entry. Metadata can be in the form of categories, journal type, rating, title and date of the journal entry.

Example of Journal Editor screen

Prompt Explorer

The Prompt Explorer organizes the questions, quotes, passages from books or other bits of text that you find inspiring and positive for your life. It is pre-populated with a list of questions, quotes and passages from books related to working a 12 Step program.


Example of Prompt Explorer screen

Import and Export

You can export and import your prompts using the standard PeXcHange format (see Each exported file contains all of the selected prompts as well as the prompt metadata (categories, types, format strings, descriptors like author names, etc.). This makes it easy to share with others through posting on the Journal for Recovery website or by just swapping files with friends and sponsors.

Password Protection and Encrypted Database

Your journals are only visible after you log in. You get to set your initial password and password hint, and you can easily modify the password if you wish. All of the data used by the software is stored in a strongly encrypted database.

Import and Export using an Open Format

The Journal for Recovery provides you with an open format and makes it easy to export and import your journal entries or your prompts in a way that retains all of their metadata (metadata is the data like categories, journal types and the title associated with a journal entry or prompt).

Backup and Restore

In addition to easily importing and exporting the journal and prompt data, you can use the backup and restore capabilities that copy the entire database to a location of your choosing, and then can restore from backup as desired. You can reference the history of your backup and restores at any time.


Example of Backup screen