[Dec 15, 2007]
[Tags: Enthusiastic]

Interesting - aren't they? This will be my first truly sober Christmas in well over 30 years. Dang, even with my fingers and toes I can't count that high. As I had my first sober Thanksgiving (and boy, did I have a lot to be thankful for) this year.

Christmas was more Xmas for me prior to now (My wife says thats what you get when you take the Christ out of Christmas - and I absolutely hate it when she's right). I believe I have a glimmering of that understanding now.

All the trappings are nice, it probably makes people fell better to show them off, But this year the real reason will not be lost to me under all the hoopla, parties, iwants and gimmes.

An amazing event occurred over two thousand years ago that not only changed the course of history - it has had the most profound effect on me personally. And it bodes well for me that not only I continue on the path set forth by Him but to thank Him every day for the very path I walk.

Everyday can be Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one if I just do it His way instead of mine.....

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