[Jan 1, 2008]
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I've been reading a small book by Philip St Romain called "Reflecting on the Serenity Prayer". I figured since I say this prayer at meetings, mumble it under my breath instead of doing something I'd regret and use it just to center myself I would see what others had to say about what it means to them.

One of the things pointed out is the the two types of serenity. The worldly one he calls an "uneasy truce with fear" - how well I know that one. The one that comes crashing down around my head with a phone call, an argument, a disappointment, not getting what I want or just me being a total jerk.

Then there is this other serenity. The spiritual one. The one I get from my Senior Partner - (God, if I may). The armor that nothing can crack. The one that gives me the courage to make that decision as to change what can be changed (usually me) and the sticktoitiveness to see it through to the end.

Such a simple concept, this serenity. I am truly blessed by Him for being given these moments of spiritual tranquility and insight. They allow me the chance to do things I would never have the courage to do on my own. Would that I could live like that forever.

That is probably a good thing for me to strive for. Go figure...

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