Post Christmas Blues???

[Dec 26, 2007]
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Strange thing happened to me on the way thru Christmas. I forgot to feel like crap. You know, the "I didn't get what I wanted", "I wish they'd all go home", "Nobody loves me", "The world sucks along with you " Christmas blues. Nope, Nada, None.

For the first time in 38 years I went through Christmas with the true meaning of Christmas in my heart and soul. People meant something to me. I played with my grandkids, my sons got along and I didn't make a complete drunken ass out of myself. I addition, I didn't try to rip anyone's head off for saying "Merry Christmas".

On top of all that I remember every fantastic moment. My most humble thanks to God, AA, my wife and the many others that helped me along this path, along with a prayer for those both in and out of my life that are still suffering.


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