Balancing Act

[Dec 22, 2007]
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They don't have stupid in the list either.

FOCUS, CONCENTRATION - a good thing, right? Mayhaps not so.

Back in the bad old days, my good buddy Al and his friends anger, guilt, resentment and loneliness took up most of my concentration. At least I think so, from what I can remember.

Now fast forward to the good new days...

Guess what? I can still concentrate. On one thing. Only. To the exclusion of everything else. Period. Duh. Fully forgetting timeworn clich├ęs like "Easy does it" because I am too busy concentrating.

In the midst of all this furious concentration, I am not paying one iota of attention to the one person I love more than life itself. Thereby upsetting her and making me resentful, because doesn't everybody know I GOTTA do what I GOTTA do. So I lose a nights sleep over it.

Luckily, one aws**t does not wipe out all the attaboys any more. And I am able to discuss rationally issues that crop up in my life, make and accept mutual amends. Then move on.

What does this tell me? That I need to strive for balance in all aspects of my life. Inattentiveness harms others as well as harsh words or a backhand. In many ways it is worse - it means "you are beneath my notice". And I don't even know I do it.

I sure am glad that God protects fools and little children. Maybe someday when the world quits revolving around me I can also quit leading with my chin....


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